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Easily stay connected to your people.

Anywhere. anytime.

Anywhere. anytime.

You can stay connected after hours or not.

Either way, you have the option to forward calls to your mobile phone. Do not worry, you can still use your business phone number!

I was very apprehensive about making the switch from our trusted analog system to Voip. B&T's knowledge of systems and the technology made the switch effortless with peace of mind. It's a one-stop-shop from guidance, to hardware, to most importantly, their tech team behind the scenes with full support. They offer many value-added services that competitors either don't do or simply charge a crazy fee for. We recently set up a new division at our company and when I called B&T, they immediately said, "We've set several of those up before". Again peace of mind.

Kim Coates

The Team at B&T Telecom has been so great to work with!  They make the transition of phone service so smooth and the best part is we were able to save so much money!  I especially appreciate how quick they are to assist and troubleshoot any concerns or issues that arise.  They offer excellent customer service and are always willing to help! 

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take our

word for 


Streamline the way your business communicates.

we offer a full business communication suite that allows you to easily connect with people inside and outside your office.

Your phone does not ring from just 

nine to five.

  • Easily stay connected with your customers and colleagues through VoIP calling, video conference, text message and online fax.

  • Conveniently park calls or reroute them on the fly.

  • Your phone rings when you want it to - customizable options like office hours and special call forwarding.

  • Continuously make and receive calls with your personal or work device - all while using your business number.

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More than just a phone company

while on-the-go

B&T Telecom offers a full suite of communcation tools to keep your business moving.

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